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Series No. 682
Start Date  30 Nov 1878
End Date  26 Oct 1964
Contents Start Date  30 Nov 1878
Contents End Date  26 Oct 1964
Series Description  Registers of corporal punishment inflicted. Shows name and registration number of prisoner, offence, number of lashes, sentenced by, date received, officials present.

There is also a record of birchings from 1888 - 1962, showing name, offence, number of strokes, date received, sentenced by. At the end of the volume is a list of executions, showing name, date of execution, place and remarks. The remarks column sometimes lists crime for which executed or victims' names.

Places of execution include Fremantle Prison, Perth, Rottnest, Geraldton, Roebourne, Derby Gaols.

Original Format  Volumes
View Image of typical record in this series  Sorry no digital copy is available for this record series
Arrangement  Numerical
Bridging Aids  -
Copies  -
Series Access Status  70 year restricted access status applies
Current agency responsible 
1261 DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIVE SERVICES [2] 1 Feb 2006 ~   Detail
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Controlled Series 
Activities documented by this series 
Agencies creating this series 
220 FREMANTLE PRISON 30 Nov 1878 ~ 26 Oct 1964   Detail
Record Items in this series 
1 Register - Corporal Punishment 30 Nov 1878 ~ 26 Oct 1964   Detail
2 Register - Corporal Punishment (photocopy of item 1) 30 Nov 1878 ~ 26 Oct 1964   Detail

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